How to Run Change Management and Process Management in Parallel

Change Management: The Job Shop Scheduling Problem

In the past, I’ve written about the Job Shop Scheduling Problem (the JSSP) from a technical and mathematical angle. I’m revisiting the JSSP this time with new insights I’ve gained on Change Management. I recently earned my certification in the Change Management Process by Prosci (the industry leader). The Change Management process should run parallel to project management, but often it does not.

Prosci developed the ADKAR model for Change Management. It’s similar in many ways to the process areas of the PMBOK, but it focuses on people rather than execution, monitoring and control of scope.   ADKAR is an acronym for:

  1. Awareness of the need for change
  2. Decision to make the change
  3. Knowledge needed to change
  4. Ability to make the change
  5. Reinforcement of the change

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