cpm conference

There were about 250 attendees at the Construction CPM conference in New Orleans, and Fred Plotnick did a wonderful job as host.

I particularly enjoyed the keynote given by Tom Dengenis (CEO of Synchro).

Fred asked each registrant to identify what software they are using. In the past, Oracle Primavera P6 was by far the most dominant software. However, this year, Fred reported that 167 of the 250 registered attendees self-identified as P6 users, while 105 identified themselves as Microsoft Project users.

That is a pretty striking number of people using MS Project.

The Construction CPM Conference had a session entitled Oracle’s The Road Ahead. All you had to do is make your way to the Napoleon B room to hear, directly from Oracle, their plans for Primavera P6 V 16 and beyond. The session was due to start at 9:45AM and run until 11AM, giving attendees 1 hour and 15 minutes of detailed information on the development roadmap for P6.

I arrived a little early to make sure I had a seat. But I needn’t have worried. A few hundred seats were set up in the large ballroom, and only about 8 of us were there waiting for the talk to begin. But a funny thing happened: the speaker didn’t arrive.

So, ten minutes after the presentation was supposed to begin, people began wandering out.  It was disappointing.

I asked around while I was still at the conference, but I was not able to discover any new features or development plans related to P6.

I’d be interested to hear from anyone in my network who knows what is coming next for P6.

  • Garrett Harley

    Every year I sit with Fred and we discuss the sessions that Oracle Primavera will do. I instructed Fred that we would do the sessions we had done for the last 3-4 years. The E&C Solution Keynote (which includes elements of our roadmap and direction), as well as the Townhall. 4 days before the event Fred sent me an email asking for who would be covering a series of open sessions that we NEVER Discussed and we NEVER agreed to. In truth this was rather heart breaking and based on my schedule…where I would be there for Monday and then had to fly to Houston on Monday evening then back to support the townhall on Wednesday…this meant the roadmap session Fred placed on the program for Tuesday would have no one available to support it. So I told him to please cancel these sessions and make it known that those who would like to learn more about the roadmap please come to my session on Monday…as well as the Townhall on Wednesday. Fred and I have spoken about this. We both will make sure such mistakes don’t occur in forward years of CPM. If anyone would like to learn more about the specifics of our roadmap plans for ANY of our solutions…please feel free to reach out to me. It is with a heavy heart I read what was posted here. Please accept my personal apology. I speak for all of us here at Oracle Primavera…we would NEVER refuse the chance to listen and share our collective experiences on how we continue to advance our industry. I look forward to next years (as i do every year) CPM event, and hopefully will run into many of you at Oracle Industry Connect or other events across the globe. Sincerely, Garrett Harley, Director E&C Strategy at Oracle Primavera.

    • Timothy Deane Mather

      Thank you for the response and willingness to discuss the roadmap. I’ll reach out and dedicate a post to the roadmap once we have had a chance to connect.

    • http://visualizetheplan.com/ Tim Mather

      Garrett, Thank you for the response and willingness to discuss the roadmap. I’ll reach out and dedicate a post to the roadmap once we have had a chance to connect.