I’ll break this into three categories:

1. Courses I’ve taken and recommend

a. The University of Chicago Graham School, postgraduate Project Management Strategy certificate series. I took this series of courses and enjoyed the quality of the program. I learned quite a bit about project management, which is saying something, since I had already earned my PMP and for over a decade had been fully engaged with one of the preeminent construction project management firms in the world. I particularly appreciated the Negotiation class. What are project managers if not negotiators?

b. ProSci Change Management – Change Management is the missing element in so much of what we do in project management. ProSci is fond of saying change management is the people side of project management, and they are right! ProSci has the most well developed, thoughtful, effective, training program I have ever attended. Top notch instruction, well planned days, enough space to spread out and work, team building, and fun. ProSci leaves nothing to chance. If you want better project outcomes with less stress, this is your ticket. They recommend taking this class with a colleague, that’s nice but I still found it to be a great class taken solo.

2. Course I’d like to take

a. I greatly admire the work of The Arbinger Institute, they change mindsets. They have certainly changed mine. I’ve read most of what they have to offer including; Leadership and Self Deception and The Outward Mindset. I can only imagine how powerful the courses would be in person.

3. Once in a lifetime dreamed of courses (BHAG)

a. Harvard Business School Executive Education Program: I’m particularly interested in the Harvard Negotiation program. I’m a big admirer of the Harvard Negotiation Project. I’m sure you have heard of some of their publications; Getting to Yes, The Power of a Positive No, and my personal favorite, Difficult Conversations.

b. Anything taught by Dr. Mark Werwath of Northwestern University. Mark taught the Negotiation class I took at the University of Chicago. He has an amazing intellect and a great ability to connect with students.

All you professional development guru’s out there, did I miss anything? What’s on your must learn list this year?